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Comprehensive Care for Your Kirby Lester Automation

With proper daily cleaning, your Kirby Lester device will provide years of accurate and trouble-free operation. Should your device need service, Capsa Healthcare provides world-class support. Before you contact us, please have your Serial Number at the ready (typically on the right side of your tabletop counting devices, and lower rear panel of your robot). If you believe your Kirby Lester device needs service, first contact Capsa. Please, do not ship your device in until you consult with our service specialists.

Pharmacy Automation Support:  800.243.2465 or email

Capsa’s Service Page

Capsa’s Service Goal: Our goal is to get your Kirby Lester device back in perfect operational order as quickly as possible. While your device is in our care, rest assured that we will perform our thorough 12-Step Kirby Lester Service. All repairs include a 6-month warranty and a check of all components.

12-Step Service


Daily Cleaning For Accurate Counting & Longevity

Sometimes the toughest problem has the simplest solution. Nine out of 10 calls to our Service Department are resolved quickly with proper cleaning. By cleaning your Kirby Lester device daily, you’ll be rewarded with years of accurate and trouble-free operation. If you regularly count dusty/chalky medications, you may need to clean more frequently. Daily cleaning instructions are in your operating manual.

Video: Counting Device Daily Cleaning Instructions: KL1Plus Daily Cleaning Instructions: KL1 Daily Cleaning Video: Proper Pill Counting Method