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High Volume/High Speed Central Filling Automation

RoboPharma, a new addition to Capsa Healthcare, is the international leader for high volume pharmacy prescription fulfillment. A RoboPharma build-out efficiently fills hundreds to thousands of prescriptions per day at a remote location in a hub-and-spoke model. RoboPharma’s consultant engineers develop custom central fill pharmacy projects for all global markets to streamline virtually any pharmacy’s workflow. Every RoboPharma solution has four goals:

  1. Improve your customer experience
  2. Reduce stress on your pharmacy staff
  3. Minimize your operating costs
  4. Dramatically boost fulfillment speed

A hallmark of every RoboPharma project is the ability to expand capacity as volume requirements increase, without the need for more space. From central filling operations processing 80,000 prescriptions per shift to community pharmacies processing 500 prescriptions, every RoboPharma design is engineered to be fast, reliable, compact, and simple.

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Mail Order Pharmacy/Digital Pharmacy

In global regions where prescription orders can come directly from the patient or a dedicated website, a RoboPharma digital pharmacy solution is ideal: receive the patient order, process it, and deliver directly to the patient. This is an end-to-end solution similar to our central fulfilment pharmacy model except that orders are received from a public patient-dedicated web platform and not from a network of retail pharmacies. Ask for a personal consultation.

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Automated Will Call

ScriptShelves is RoboPharma ‘s full will-call solution that helps the pharmacy team organize and manage completed prescriptions. ScriptShelves provides Rx track-and-trace, and notifies patients of prescription readiness. ScriptShelves uses the pharmacy’s existing storage locations or an optional ScriptShelves rack that contains baskets with barcodes and unique positions and optional pick-to-light system.

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 24/7 Patient Pickup Kiosk

RoboWall is RoboPharma’s stand-alone 24/7 prescription pickup center that can be installed indoors or outdoors. The RoboWall carousel automatically chooses a suitable location inside the unit to store completed prescriptions, and the system sends a notification to the patient that the prescription is ready (including a unique PIN-code for pickup). Patients appreciate the convenience of anytime pickup, the pharmacy staff’s time is freed up for other activities, and the entire RoboWall system encourages safety and social distancing.

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