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Service & Support: Cleaning and Repair
Comprehensive Care For Your Kirby Lester Device
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With proper daily cleaning, your Kirby Lester device will provide years of accurate and trouble-free operation. Should your device need service, Kirby Lester provides world-class support for our full line of equipment.

To learn more about our service and support, choose the type of Kirby Lester device you have. Kirby Lester Tablet Counting Devices
Kirby Lester Dispensing and Verification Systems

If Your Kirby Lester Device Needs Service
Kirby Lester performs a comprehensive 11-Step Service on every device that is sent to our Lake Forest, IL Service Department facility. Trained software and hardware technicians take meticulous care during the diagnostics, cleaning, repair and final testing of your Kirby Lester device. Our goal is to have your device returned to your pharmacy as quickly as possible. Your device will be brought through these steps:
  1. Inventory the newly arrived device for all parts, and assess any shipping damage (if any).
  2. Validate the customer's concerns/reason for repair. Run the device through a series of operations to replicate the original problem.
  3. Test-count the device to verify count accuracy is within Kirby Lester specifications.
  4. Thoroughly clean outer assembly, making every effort to salvage customer-applied stickers, warning labels and notes.
  5. Open the device's outer and inner assemblies and thoroughly vacuum and clean.
  6. Replace all failed or failing components:
    - Components causing the original problem
    - Components that are not part of the original problem, but could be problematic for future operation
    - Test and recalibrate all key counting components
  7. Install new components, firmware and software that have been standardized since the device's original date of manufacture.
  8. QC for and repair any additional problems, both structural and aesthetic (e.g., missing screws).
  9. Perform extensive count-tests to ensure count accuracy.
    - 18,000 total pills poured through for testing (3 different sizes/types of pill)
    - Count-tests are performed by two different departments (Service Department, and QC Department)
  10. Final inspection performed by the QC Department.
  11. Repack the device and prepare for safe return shipping.

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