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There seems to be no limit to the type of small widget, gadget or part that can be handled by a Kirby Lester counting machine. Our devices eliminate laborious, inaccurate hand-counting, and they speed up the counting, packaging and QC processes. Any manufacturer needing accurate piece-counting or batch verification can find a Kirby Lester device to handle the job.
Kirby Lester devices are known by many names: tablet counter, pill counter, drug counter. But beyond just counting medications, Kirby Lesters make ideal counting systems for many industries and uses. In fact, there is a Kirby Lester counter that's ideal for any industry that requires always-accurate counting of like-sized pieces.

Kirby Lester has applied its expertise in pharmacy automation and patented a line of high-speed machines for counting and bottle filling. Like their pharmacy-based counterparts, our industrial units are designed to fit on a tabletop, be simple to operate and fast. These units serve a wide variety of industries needing small- and mid-volume packaging and verification - without the high cost of fully automated filling systems.

A sampling of industries served by Kirby Lester counters are:
  • Pharmaceutical/supplement/vitamin manufacturers
  • Specialized pharmacies and clinics that frequently dispense from a small, set formulary
  • Bariatric clinics
  • Veterinary hospitals and clinics
  • Law enforcement organizations handling narcotics
  • Any manufacturing facility that requires high-volume counting of similar-shaped units (e.g., seeds, nuts, electronics components)
KL1 New, compact tablet counter
KL15e Classic counting device
KL25 Hands-free counting, small-scale packing + check-counting
KL50ic/icf Small- to mid-scale packing + check-counting
KL200 Mid- to high-scale packing + check-counting

Kirby Lester's counting systems are simple to use and maintain. They accurately count all shapes and sizes of tablets, capsules or identical objects using patented technology. Batch runs are fully programmable. There is no need for mechanical adjustments, calibration, change of parts or prior programming when counting different medications or items. Counting speeds are adjustable, ranging from 820 to 1,920 units per minute depending on the Kirby Lester counting or bottling device you select.

When it comes to counting accuracy, it's what's inside a Kirby Lester that counts. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

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