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Products & Technology: Hospital/Institutional Pharmacy Products
Hospital outpatient pharmacies, community clinics and 340B pharmacies need fast, accurate and safe dispensing for their outpatient medications. This is especially true of outpatient pharmacies implementing a "Med To Bed / Meds To Beds" program to deliver medications to the patient's bedside before discharge. Additionally, outpatient pharmacies that are now handling employee prescriptions for the entire health system need a way to manage the rise in daily script volume -- without adding additional FTEs. Kirby Lester pharmacy automation frees up your staff to focus on these major initiatives by handling the dispensing of 100% of doses in the outpatient pharmacy.
Along with simple-to-operate pharmacy robotics and "gold-standard" tablet counters, Kirby Lester provides systems that feature the latest technology like built-in workflow software, interfacing, scan-verification to prevent errors, order tracking, and other features previously only available on more expensive and complicated systems. Kirby Lester systems improve counting accuracy and reduce labor time, and they also help to reduce and eliminate dispensing errors. So if your outpatient pharmacy is operating a Meds To Beds program or filling an increased number of daily prescriptions, let Kirby Lester pharmacy automation handle the heavy lifting while you and your staff can concentrate on outstanding patient care.
Kirby Lester counting systems are simple to use and maintain. They accurately count all shapes and sizes of tablets and capsules.
When it comes to counting accuracy, it's what's inside a Kirby Lester that counts. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

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