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Products & Technology: KL60
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Tour the KL60 pharmacy robotic dispenser KL60 pharmacy robotic dispenser
KL60 pharmacy robotic dispenser
KL60 — Compact, affordable robotic dispensing for low- to high-volume pharmacies
The KL60 can only be from Kirby Lester. After all, we are the pharmacy automation company that prides itself on delivering unique technology that never takes up too much floor space, inventory, time or cash. The KL60 redefines the term "robotic dispenser." It is the pharmacy industry's first and only compact, fully-automated dispensing system that's perfectly sized for today's pharmacies. Let the KL60 manage your most frequently dispensed oral tablets and capsules -- quickly, effortlessly, accurately.

The KL60 handles the labeling and filling of a pharmacy's top 60 medications - just the right number without reaching a point of inefficiency.
  • Tour the KL60
  • Fully Automate 35-40% (or more) of your total orders - This level of efficiency is achieved regardless of pharmacy volume; KL60 users processing 150+ Rx/day as well as KL60 users processing 900+ Rx/day routinely reach 35-40% or higher. By automating 60 of a pharmacy's fastest moving medications, the KL60 handles just the right number of medications. There are no "slow mover" medications to expire in the unit before they are dispensed, and stocking the KL60 is not prohibitively expensive.
  • Continuously label and fill prescriptions.
  • The industry's most compact robotic dispenser - At just 29" wide, 46" long and 78" high, the KL60 is only one-third to one-half the size of some other robots. It greatly reduces the need for costly renovation.
  • Hands-Free Dispensing - Save time and labor by dispensing your high-frequency tablets using drug-specific cassettes. Automating the top 60 medications is just the right amount of automation for most busy pharmacies.
  • Flexible Vial Type and Size - The KL60 can accommodate several common vial types and two different vial sizes. Choose the vial that suits your business.
  • Industry-Best Speed and Accuracy - Orders are labeled, counted and presented in just 25-30 seconds. Drug-specific cassettes dispense with flawless accuracy; gravity-feed design and adjustable cassette speed avoid the pill-jamming and miscounting frustrations of error-prone hand-calibrated cassettes.
  • User-friendly, Easy Installation - Requires standard 110v power. No compressed air, remodeling, special wiring or engineering are needed. The KL60's intuitive software guides the technician through the simple Rx filling process. Loading vials, labels and medications is easy.
  • Integrate with Kirby Lester's KL20, KL30 and KLVS - Achieve complete verification of 100% of all prescriptions (not just oral solids) with Kirby Lester's full line of pharmacy automation.
Combine the KL60 with the KL30 counting & verification system
Automate Even More Medications
Do you want to take the next step up in efficiency? The KL100 midsize robot automates your top 100 oral solids, handling 50% (or more) of total daily orders. Together, the KL60 and KL100 provide pharmacy owners and managers with two right-sized, affordable options to improve dispensing efficiency, safety and accuracy. Click here to see the KL100.

Full pharmacy workflow

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KL60 Operation & Cleaning Video
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View KL60 Operation Video
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KL60 testimonial videoListen to what our customers have to say about the KL60 on Vimeo.
KL60 Advanced Functionality
The industry's smallest robotic dispenser
Bi-directional interfacing: Full connection with your pharmacy management system
60 drug-specific cassettes that handle your most common oral solids
"Intelligent" (encoded) and shaped cassettes for specific medications to prevent dispensing errors
Can accommodate several common vial types and two vial sizes
Uninterrupted operation while cassettes or vials are replenished
Direct-fill from cassette to vial
Standard 110v power; no special wiring, floor supports or compressed air are needed
Flexible labeling, customizable for each pharmacy
Graphical label configuration
High-level GUI
Simple installation, training and touch-screen operation
Integrate with Kirby Lester's KL20, KL30 and KLVS for a full dispensing and verification system

KL60 Technical Specifications
Weight: 1,170 lbs (530kg)
Size: 29" W x 46" D x 78" H (74cm x 117cm x 198cm)
Dispensing speed: labels, counts, fills and presents a complete prescription in about 30 seconds
Touch screen: 15" (38cm) high-resolution 3D graphical display
Power: standard 115V, 60Hz, 15A; normal operation draws up to 300w/hour not to exceed 500w
Printer: direct thermal
Bar code scanner
Fingerprint verification system: configurable security levels
Vial replenishment: fast and easy random load
Vial types: The KL60 currently accommodates seven vial styles
Approved vial color: Amber
Vial bin quantity: approx. 1/2 box of large vials (60-70) and 3/4 box of small vials (160-170)
Cap bin quantity: bin divider is adjustable; Holds approx. 120-160 small caps and 40-50 large caps, depending on vial type
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Interfacing: can interface with any pharmacy management system; can integrate with the KL20, KL30 and Verification Station
Software features: integrated dispensing system, manual dispensing, status, history, group cassettes, order prioritization, multi-vial prescription, dispense statistics
High Speed Cassettes:
  • 60 standard cassettes included
  • Each cassette is encoded and shaped for a specific medication. This ensures that the cassette is always accurate; can accommodate uniquely shaped or weighted tablets and capsules that other pharmacy automation cannot; and can operate at very high speeds without jamming or spilling medications.
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.27kg)
  • Size: 6.5" L x 6.5" W x 4.0" H (16.5cm x 16.5cm x 10.1cm)
  • Capacity: 650cc. Holds approx. 1,200 lipitor 20mg; 675 glipizide 10mg; 5,800 lisinopril 5mg; 410 metformin 500mg; 1,400 zolpidem 10mg. Cassette capacities may vary depending on manufacturer/size/shape of medication.
  • Optional high-volume cassettes: 2,200cc, 6.5"L x 6.5"W x 8"H.
Product Photos
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KL60 pharmacy robot-quickly process filled vials 60 standard cassettes (right) are included to fill directly into vials KL60 | Automated Pill and Tablet Counter | Kirby Lester
The KL60's intuitive software guides the technician through the simple Rx filling process. 60 standard cassettes (right) are included to fill directly into vials. Also available: high-volume cassettes (left). Front console and touch-screen are compact and user-friendly. Refilling cassettes is safe, efficient and fast.

Software Screenshots
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KL60 pharmacy automation software KL60 pharmacy automation software KL60 pharmacy automation software
Dispensing a prescription is easy, with Rx information quickly accessed by the technician. The KL60 displays patient, label and medication information. The KL60 shows full cassette information of all 60 cassettes, including empty cassettes, empty slots, par level, etc.

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