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Products & Technology: KL20
                    KL20 Product Sheet (PDF)

Espanol language icon KL20 Hoja Informativa Espanol (PDF)

KL20 — "Next-Generation" Counting and Verification System with Workflow Software
Trackable. Verifiable. And affordable. The KL20 packs so much value into a small package, yet it's the simplest workflow tool your pharmacy will ever need. The KL20 gives you accurate counting, multiple checks and balances, visual images, barcode scanning, workflow software — all these functions in one tabletop-sized system to ensure that every order is being dispensed correctly. The KL20 is essential pharmacy automation for your pharmacy.
  • Safe Dispensing - Barcode scanning, onscreen drug images and multiple checks and balances heighten your level of medication dispensing safety.
  • PMS Connectivity - The KL20 has bi-directional interfacing with your pharmacy management system. Or operate as a stand-alone KL20n (non-interfaced), see below.
  • Workflow Software - built-in workflow software can be turned on/off as you need it - at no extra charge.
  • Innovation in a Small Package - Fits on a countertop and needs no remodeling (only 14.5" high x 12.5" wide).
  • User-friendly - simple to install and learn.
  • 100% verification for processing all orders - The KL20 automates the verification of 100% of all prescriptions, not just oral solids.
  • Add Fast, Hands-Free Cassette Dispensing: The KL20 can be easily upgraded to the KL30 with a time-saving and step-saving cassette adaptor. Snap in a cassette for hands-free dispensing of your most common oral solids, 90-day dispenses or narcotics. Each cassette automatically double-counts.
  • Full 1-year warranty
  • Also available: KL20n (non-interfaced version), the simplest way to avoid medication dispensing errors — The KL20n is based on the KL20 and is ideal for pharmacies that do not desire pharmacy management system interfacing. The KL20n includes barcode checking, onscreen drug images, fingerprint scan-tracking, inventory reporting and the ability to count and verify 100% of orders (oral solids as well as unit of use items). You can choose to interface with your pharmacy management system at a later date. Click here to compare the KL20 and KL20n.

KL30 and KL20, sister products
Also see the KL30 "all-in-one" device. The KL30 includes hands-free dispensing of your pharmacy's fastest moving tablets or capsules, narcotics or common 90-day fills.
The KL20 incorporates one- or two-way interfacing with pharmacy management
systems and includes all-new software, a large touch-screen and user-friendly directions. Pharmacists and technicians benefit from onsite control of barcode
setup, simplified verification steps, and the ability to turn workflow software features
on and off.

              Pharmacy Software Interfaces

KL20 Operation & Cleaning Videos
play video icon View KL20 Operation Video (Vimeo)

Click here to see cleaning instructions for KL20 Series
(Windows Media Player)
KL20 testimonial videoListen to what our
customers have to say
about the KL20 on YouTube.
KL20 Advanced Functionality
Interfacing: Can integrate with any pharmacy management system and workflow platform *
Works with compound label barcodes for data exchange without the need for pharmacy interface
Ad hoc counting with UPC scanning for checking on-hand quantities
Built-in workflow software: Turn it on or off as needed to fit your process
Inventory tools: effortlessly performs physical inventories, with no hand-tallying; send inventory counts directly to the pharmacy management system or other database
Wide variety of reports available covering Rx status, drug maintenance, etc.
On-screen help (videos and documents)
Multilingual text, configurable by the user
Drug database management
Automated cleaning reminders, configurable by the user

KL20 Technical Specifications
Weight: 21 lbs (9.5kg)
Size: 18.0" L x 12.5" W x 14.5" H (46cm x 32cm x 37cm)
Touch screen: 10.4" (26.4cm) high-resolution 3D graphical display
Power: standard 115V, 60Hz
Bar code scanner
Fingerprint verification system: configurable user security levels
Local USB port for drug maintenance database updates, reports, etc.
Network archiving of processed orders
Wireless or wired connectivity *
Maximum tablet size: 0.86" long (22mm) and 0.74" wide (19mm)
Minimum tablet size: 0.125" diameter (3.175mm)
Tray Capacity: 650cc, holds approximately 1,000 tablets of ibuprofen 200mg.
Product not yet available outside North America.
* Available on KL20 interfaced model. Not available on KL20n.

Product Photos
Click on image to see larger version in new window.
KL20 open order screen shot KL20 pouring meds screen shot KL20 | Pill and Tablet Counter Verification System | Kirby Lester
Bi-directional interfacing with your pharmacy management system - either wireless or wired. * Achieve 100% verification for all orders - not only tablets, but also inhalers, drops, unit-dose medications, etc. Built-in workflow software can be turned on/off depending on your pharmacy's needs. *

Software Screenshots
Click on image to see larger version in new window.
KL20 software screen shot of help menu KL20 open orders screen shot KL20 RX complete screen shot
KL20 functions are easily navigated on a bright 10.4" touch screen panel. Pharmacy management systems sync (wired or wireless) to the KL20, displaying all of a patient's medications. * Filling a collated order is easy, with clear directions that walk the user through each step. Full drug and patient information is displayed. *

Shelf storage photo
Uniweb Tablet Counter Shelf
Is your pharmacy tight on space?
For Uniweb shelving users, consider a wall-mount shelf for your Kirby Lester tablet counter. The device shelf easily holds any Kirby Lester KL15, KL16 or KL20, with plenty of room for the Rx you are counting. Add the accessory shelf underneath to conveniently store your extra counting tray, operating manual and other supplies.
  • Kirby Lester Tablet Counter Shelf: 16"W x 16"D
  • Accessory Shelf: 16"W x 12"D
If you want to order shelving for your Kirby Lester system, click here to download the "Uniweb Tablet Counter Shelf" order form, or contact Uniweb at 800.486.4932 x133. If you have general questions about a Kirby Lester device, contact Kirby Lester at 800.641.3961 or click here to contact us.

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