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Products & Technology: KL1
                    KL1 Product Sheet (PDF)

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KL1 | smallest tablet counter
KL1 - Kirby Lester's smallest, fastest tablet counter ever
KL1 — Kirby Lester's smallest, fastest tablet counter ever

From the same company that invented the pharmacy tablet counter comes the KL1, Kirby Lester's smallest and fastest Rx counter. Its compact size fits into even the most crowded workspace. With the world-renowned Kirby Lester counting technology inside, the KL1 counts almost any tablet or capsule quickly, conveniently and accurately.
  • Compact design for drug counting in even the smallest dispensing workstations
  • Fast operation with no calibration or adjustments needed for different products (pour through at a rate of 15/18 tablets per second)
  • World-renowned counting technology inside
  • Inventory mode: keeps count when the tray is emptied
  • Ergonomically designed tray with left/right pouring
  • Simple cleaning
  • Unique vial size indicator displays the correct container size for every batch counted
  • For industrial applications, the KL1 is ideal as a batch-counter
  • Full 1-year warranty

KL1 (left) and KL1Plus
Want to eliminate the chance for dispensing errors, and keep a record of every Rx? See the KL1Plus counter with scan-verification. It combines the KL1 tablet counter with simple verification software. The patient receives the right medication, dosage and quantity every time. Eliminate the potential
for a dispensing error - click here.

KL1 Operation & Cleaning Video
play video icon View KL1 Operation Video (Vimeo)

View KL1 Cleaning Instruction Video

KL1 Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 12.8"H x 12.3"D x 6.2"W (32.5cm x 31.2cm x 15.7cm)
Weight: 6lb (2.7kg)
Power: Standard wall outlet needed. 110V, 60Hz (easily converted to 220V, 60Hz)
Throughput: 15-18 tablets/second
Maximum Tablet Size: 0.86" long (22mm) and 0.74" wide (19mm)
Minimum tablet size: 0.125" diameter or width (3.175mm)
Inventory Mode: Ideal for large counts; maintains the count while the tray is being emptied
Count Capacity: Up to 9,999
Tray Capacity: 800cc, holds approximately 1,600 tablets of ibuprofen 200mg.

Product Photos
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ergonomic tray allows quick pouring from the left or right side. KL1 is ideal for inventory and large counts Daily cleaning of the KL1 is simple and quick
The ergonomic tray allows quick pouring from the left or right side. The KL1 is ideal for inventory and large counts. The KL1 maintains the count while the tray is being emptied. Cleaning the KL1 is simple and quick.

Protect Your KL1 With Custom Carrying Case
Protect Your KL1 With a Custom Carrying Case

This is NEW!Carry your KL1 to the next job

Since the KL1 is so compact and lightweight, it can be easily transported. Just make sure you protect it while traveling with Kirby Lester's KL1 Carrying Case.
  • Safe: Customized foam insert
  • Lightweight: The case and KL1 are just 13 pounds
  • Lockable
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Ideal for law enforcement, government, large manufacturing facilities and pharmacies with multiple locations
  • 18.5"W x 15.5"D x 8"W; 5 lbs

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