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Pharmacy Equipment | Kirby Lester While Kirby Lester's roots are in community pharmacy, today we consider ourselves fortunate to serve a wide range of industries. Wherever there's a need for always-accurate counting and filling, our 40,000+ customers know they can count on a Kirby Lester.
  • Retail pharmacies - Chain, grocery store and independent

  • Mail order pharmacies

  • Hospital pharmacies - Outpatient and inpatient

  • Pharmaceutical companies that require non-assembly line counting and verification, in areas such as R&D, QC, labs and packaging

  • Reverse pharmaceutical distributors that inventory large volumes of returned or expired medications

  • Contract manufacturing organizations that service the pharmaceutical industry

  • Supplement, vitamin and nutraceutical manufacturers

  • Clinical trial organizations that pre-pack vials and verify patient medication quantities

  • Specialized pharmacies and clinics that frequently dispense from a small, set formulary
    • Assisted living/Long-term care pharmacies
    • Specialty pharmacies focusing on specific therapeutic areas
    • Bariatric clinics

  • Veterinary hospitals and clinics

  • Law enforcement organizations handling narcotics

  • Any manufacturing facility that requires high-volume counting of identical shaped units (e.g., seeds, nuts, electronics components)

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