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Daily Cleaning

Service Contracts and Drug Image Updates

Service & Support

Pharmacy Automation Service and Support

If Service instructs you to send in your device, you will be asked to print out and complete one important document:



This document must be included in the shipping box with your Kirby Lester device. Remember to take great care in packing your Kirby Lester device for transit, as instructed by Kirby Lester Service. Any damage to your Kirby Lester device in transit to Kirby Lester will be your responsibility.


Kirby Lester's KL1Plus, KL20, KL30, KL60 and KL100 devices are equipped to be diagnosed with remote support software. Our team can connect with your Kirby Lester device - without interfering with your daily workflow - to automatically update software and trouble-shoot. Often times, remote support supplants the need to ship your device in.

With proper daily cleaning, your Kirby Lester device will provide years of accurate and trouble-free operation. Should your device need service, however, Kirby Lester provides world-class support for our full line of pharmacy automation and counting technology.


If you believe your Kirby Lester device needs service, first contact Kirby Lester Service via phone or e-mail. Do not ship your device for repair unless Service instructs you to do so. Service will need the following information:

  • Model Number (e.g., KL15e, KL1Plus)

  • Serial number (typically on the right side of the device, or back of the robot)

  • Is your Kirby Lester unit under warranty?

  • Details of the problem or concern

Helpful Resources


Preparing Your Device For Shipment


- Click here for United States customers


- Click here for Canada customers

For KL60 and KL100 pharmacy robot users, Service is performed via remote access from our Lake Forest, IL facility, and if necessary, we will dispatch a technician from one of our five regional offices. Custom service packages are available for 24/7 support, if desired. Contact your Kirby Lester sales manager for service package options.

Our goal is to get your device back in perfect operational order as quickly as possible. While your device is in our care, rest assured that we will perform our thorough 12-Step Service. All repairs include a 6-month warranty and a check of all components.

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